Our Vision

We are people who care about people. From the littlest baby wrapped in a swaddle, to the artisan working to craft a handmade rattle, to the mother wanting to provide a safe and kind world for her children. We are committed to bringing you products that are ethically made, sustainable and eco-friendly, and from transparent and trustworthy brands.

Made in America
Products that are made in the United States come with many benefits including high safety standards, strict environmental standards, economical benefits, and the assurance that workers are given a safe work environment.

Fair Trade
Fair Trade products are made around the world with a commitment to fairly compensating workers, empowering individuals and communities, and protecting the environment and natural resources.

Organic products are just that, made from organic materials. Organic materials are simple and close to nature, and are free from toxins and harmful additives.  This makes organic products the safer choice, not just for baby, but for the environment as well.

GOTS Certified
The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the leading standard for organic fibers. This includes criteria for environmental standards, organic supply chain standards, as well as social responsibility standards.

Products that are crafted by hand are often much better for the environment than mass produced items. Handcrafted items not only create jobs and help communities, but they also showcase the work of skilled artisans, giving you high-quality, beautiful, and unique pieces.

Using sustainable materials ensures that future generations will have access to these resources as well. Sustainability is crucial to a healthy environment, not just for ourselves, but for our children.

Ethically Made
Ethical consumerism is the heart of our company. We do not support sweat shops, child labor, or human rights violations, and we do not support companies that turn a blind eye to these injustices.