Making The Most Of A New Mom’s First Mother’s Day

Ideas For Creating A Special Day

by Emily Graham

The first Mother’s Day that a new mom experiences is a powerful one. While being a new mom is filled with plenty of joy, it can be stressful and exhausting as well. Mother’s Day can be emotional for many new moms, so those looking for gift ideas may want to look for unique and meaningful ways to provide some opportunities for pampering, self-care, and a mental health break.

New moms can use some extra opportunities for self care on their first Mother’s Day.

Of course, Mother’s Day is a day for celebrating all mothers, young and old, but new moms can likely use a break from the stress of parenthood in the early days. Most new moms are exhausted and facing a number of stressors as they adjust to their new life, so it is especially important to go the extra mile in making that first Mother’s Day a special one. Focus on ideas that will give the new mom in your life a break or an opportunity to regroup so that they can rebuild their mental health and overall well-being.

For some moms, just having a loved one volunteer to take the baby for a while can be a nice Mother’s Day gift, or you can offer to do the cooking, cleaning, and laundry while they relax or sleep. Offer up a spa day so they can get a massage, pedicure, or manicure, or as InStyle suggests, get them a subscription to a meal delivery service like Sun Basket, HelloFresh, Plated, or Blue Apron so that the meal planning will be simple for a bit.

Consider gifts that will have a lasting impact.

Consider getting the new mom in your life a family photo shoot as a Mother’s Day gift, but don’t  spring it on her at the time of the scheduled shoot. Be sure that the photographer takes pictures of mom with her new child.

Remember to focus on a gift for mom rather than the baby so that this first Mother’s Day gives her a boost amid the stress of parenthood in the early months. Try to think of options that she’ll be thrilled to receive, but probably would not buy for herself, like a luxury-brand bag, shoes, pampering products, or jewelry.

Find ways to make things special in little ways at home.

If it’s not possible to send the new mom in your life off for a grand spa day or mini-vacation, set the stage to pamper her at home with a tailored staycation that will still give her a mental health break and an opportunity to recharge with some self care. Give her an opportunity to head out for a simple haircut or a block of time to read at a coffee shop, or arrange for a trusted loved one to take care of the baby for an evening so you can take her out to a nice dinner.

Martha Stewart suggests putting together an at-home spa basket with items like luxurious towels, scented candles, relaxing teas, personalized slippers, a comfortable robe, and some soaps or lotions in calming scents. Scents or essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, and clary sage can provide a calming effect and are still safe to have near young children, so those are great go-to scents that can help mom relax for Mother’s Day. You can even help create a meditation room at home for mom to relax and unwind after a stressful day.

Being a mom can be stressful no matter what age her children are, but for new moms the early days can be exhausting and mentally draining. It is not uncommon for moms to deal with some doubt and depression in those first weeks or months, so focusing on gifts that lift them up and set the stage for some self care can be a great way to go. Help the new mama in your life boost her mental health and give her a chance to renew and tackle those tough baby days and nights again feeling refreshed.

About the author:
Emily Graham is a teacher. She started as a support site to moms from all walks of life, as she believes being a mom is one of the hardest jobs around.