by Ashley Quann

When Cardinal and Canary asked me to do a guest blog post for them, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to share some of their amazing products with you! Not only do they sell ethical products such as certified fair trade, or products made in America, but they are also bring you products that are organic, GOTS certified, handmade, or sustainable – making them the perfect choice for the modern Moms and Dads of the world.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was so excited to go shopping- images of baby clothes and accessories danced in my head. I had some friends who were moms and warned me not to buy too many things, as a lot of it would go unused. Being a first-time mom though, I didn’t listen! I bought everything under the sun, and it turns out my friends were right! I didn’t realize how fast newborns grew and grew out of things. There were of course the products that I learnt I couldn’t live without! I’ve made a list of 5 things that you will actually be thankful you bought or asked for on your registry!

1) Muslin Swaddle Blankets

You cannot ever have enough of these! They are seriously the best thing ever! They are not only great for wrapping baby in, but also floor play time, tummy time, and the accidental “whoops spit up”. Muslin material helps to keep your baby from overheating which reduces the risk of SIDS – as a parent, SIDS is always a worry. Since muslin is a breathable, lightweight material, it helps to regulate your baby’s body temperature and comes in super cute prints.

2) Pacifier Clips

There is nothing worse than giving your baby a pacifier and minutes later it falling out on the floor, especially in public places. Simplify your life with a cute pacifier clip, you will not regret it! I suggest going for a neutral color, and that way it goes with any outfit.

3) Teething Toys

My little guy started getting teeth at 4 months, so we had to jump into teething on a whole other level earlier than some. Having some great teething toys on hand is a life saver! Something to soothe their tender gums and new chompers! These great natural wooden teethers make a great option and are safe for all ages.

4) Bibs

Once babies begin teething, the drooling is endless! An easy way to prevent your baby from soaking their outfit, is to add a cute bib to their daily wear. These Babysprouts bibs are great in that they grow with your baby up until 9 months with adjustable plastic snaps.

5) Activity Gyms

It is crucial to interact and play with your baby from an early age, as well as encouraging independent play. These activity gyms are a great way to add play into your day. Soft neutral colors make it a perfect addition to any space while not being an eyesore in your home.

About the Author:

Ashley lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband and son. When she is not chasing her busy toddler around, doing DIY home décor, and juggling her husband’s law enforcement shift work schedule, she is working on her lifestyle blog, DASH Lifestyles.